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Wood Floor Installation

Abe’s Hardwood Floors, LLC is more than a sanding and refinishing company. We also specialize in the installation of new hardwood floors!

Whether you are looking to replace that old worn out carpet or outdated tile with new hardwood floors, or already have hardwood floors and want to add on, Abe’s Hardwood Floors, LLC can handle all aspects of the installation.

Our expert installers are trained and equipped to complete all phases of your installation project from removal of the existing floor coverings, to removal and installation of your base trim and moldings.

Abe’s Hardwood Floors, LLC will take the time to ensure that your hardwood floor installation project is done right the first time!

Wood Floor Refinishing

The professional staff at Abe’s Hardwood Floors, LLC is here to ensure that your hardwood floor refinishing project is done correctly without the mess and hassle traditionally associated with hardwood floor refinishing.

At Abe’s Hardwood Floors, LLC, we offer complete floor refinishing. There’s a multitude of ways to get that new floor look you’re after. Even if your hardwoods have been covered by carpet for years, or damaged, our hardwood refinishing choices can have your floors looking new again.

Refinishing is a multi-step process that will make your old wood floors look new. This process includes sanding with many different grits of sandpaper, trowel filling your floor with wood filler, choosing a color, and finally, applying a finish.